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Simple and fast cross-border currency transfer for individuals.

Cheaper than a bank: You could save up to 8x compared to a bank

Trust is important: As well as being regulated and licensed, Go2 utilizes top security, tracking & monitoring systems to ensure that your funds are in safe hands

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This is the time

Since the beginning of internet age, information technology, we depend on has been for more convenience and accessibility. But cross-border transfer of assets has been persistently immune to change for better.

Traditional bank accounts only function well in one country and one currency. The international financial network that moves digital value is old. If you’ve ever sent money abroad, you know how expensive and slow it can be.

That’s why we are here!

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“Go2’s services are fast and reliable, and I can always count on them to settle my transactions. Now, I never have to worry about late payments, as my CNY funds can get delivered to my China suppliers on the same day.”
Keven Zeng
Kingsen Toy
“I am so glad that I discovered a convenient and cost-saving alternative for my business transactions. Go2 has helped me save a significant amount of money on my payments to Malaysia. I would highly recommend them to everyone!”​
Deco-Base​ Team
“Go2 makes cross-border payments so seamless and simple. With their intuitive online platform and excellent customer support, sending money to my overseas supplier has never been easier.”​
Paul & Ivan
PI Architects

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